IQ Option Review : Is IQ Option Scam or Legit Broker?


IQ option review can assist you to know and assess all the professionals of the platform. IQ option was created specifically for people who area unit won’t to being up to the speed of their cash and to earning cash owing to own attentiveness. the concept of constructing IQ option belongs to tough IT and monetary market specialists, and that they have developed the platform from the terribly setting out to the terrible finish.
IQ option review was created to indicate the advantages that the platform gained owing to its developers’ information and knowledge. Existence of such a secure and convenient instrument for trading binary options became potential due to a neat fusion of technologies and finances that are accurately place along for each shoppers comfort. IQ option encompasses a philosophy of serving to their customers gain profit through low or no limitations and this technique has definitely paid off. Keep reading this IQ option review and you’ll see what we tend to mean.
IQ Option recently introduced Classic Options, the long-awaited addition to our family of financial instruments.
So what is so remarkable about this new financial instrument? How is it different from the binary options you are already familiar with, and what can classic options do for you?
Let’s take a look. First of all, let’s compare classic and binary options and identify their key differences. While binary options are often called “all or nothing” options because you know the profit percentage for a successful trade in advance, classic options literally have no upper limit on their profit potential. While the maximum earnings on binary options was 91%, with classic options we have already seen yields around 5000%. “Amount to be credited to account for a successful trade.”
In addition, the minimum investment for binary options was one dollar, while you can purchase classic options starting from 6 cents per option. And don’t forget that damages are limited to the amount of your investment. So your potential profit is unlimited, but your mislaying will never be more than the amount you invest in the asset. Another striking feature of classic options is that you can exercise your purchased options at practically any time and take your profit without waiting for the expiration.
IQ Option
With the launch of classic options, IQ Option also expands its arsenal of available assets to cover the entire S&P 500, the list known to every economist as the 500 most profitable American companies. And this makes fundamental analysis much simpler and more rewarding.
It’s one thing to sit and wait for news from the world financial elite and analyze statements by Mario Draghi and Marine Le Pen in order to predict the behavior of a currency pair.
When you have the entire S&P 500 list of assets available to you, financial analysis is much easier to understand and apply.
The S&P 500 covers almost every industry and product, so you can trade the shares of a company that means something to you. Is Netflix launching a new series? Is Nvidia releasing a new video card? Did Lockheed Martin announce a new weapons contract with the U.S. government? Is 21st Century FOX shooting a new

Besides, all classic options can be traded on the real stock exchange. This instrument will be commission-free for the first three months so that everyone has a chance to try it out and fully appreciate the advantages of classic options. Classic options may seem more complicated at first than the binary options you are familiar with. And in general, they are.
But IQ Option has lived up to its name and reputation once again and developed a unique, intuitive system for trading with this instrument. For the convenience of our traders, the platform offers multilingual training videos that explain the concepts and features of classic options, and if you have any unanswered questions, IQ Option has a support team available 24/7 to provide prompt and thorough answers. There is clearly a certain level of difficulty involved in trading classic options, which reinforces their higher profitability.
However, IQ Option does everything possible so that an expert trader can trade in this instrument, with in-depth training and round-the-clock support. It is not newbie friendly. Classic options offer vast trading potential coupled with a simple and user-friendly trading terminal, which makes this a unique financial instrument that will be appreciated by experts and experienced traders alike.

General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carries a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds