Globe Traders Review – Is Globe Traders App Scam?

The Globe Traders system makes some big promises. The advertising for the Globe Traders scam opens with a promise of handing you $18,000.01 by this time tomorrow. This claims seems a little far-fetched, but then it gets even worse. The narrator for the Globe Traders video gets even more ridiculous by claiming that you will be making $540,000 per month. Does this sound a little too good to be true? What about earning the $750 per hour in the next hour? Wow, that would be life changing, but this Globe Traders review thinks that you should read this before you sign up.

How Can They Make These Claims?

This Globe Traders software review thought that these numbers and promises seemed too outrageous to be realistic. It would certainly be great if they were true, but these figures raised more than a little healthy skepticism. This sales pitch by George Proter’s sounded a little like a used car salesman.

Once you get past the hype, you get a personal story about how the narrator got into binary trading, after making millions in the stock market. The company claims to have only been around since 2014. This is not much of a proven track record, considering the changes that the market has gone through in that time. In addition, software development of this magnitude typically takes 6 months to a year to perfect, even with a team of experienced coders. This review thinks that this is a new and untested system at best.

George Proter’s claims that for six months of the development process he tried all types of binary options and strategies, as well has some of his own trading strategies before hiring a group of professionals to develop the software. This means that the software could have been out for a year at the most, supporting the opinions of this review that Globe Traders is a scam.

Globe Traders Review

Globe Traders App

The Globe Traders App is based on auto-trading software, but it gives no information on why the Globe Traders signals are better than any of the others out there. It claims to have never lost a trade since December of 2014, when it claims to have launched. Did anyone catch the contradiction with the claims made earlier? This review did.

Claiming 100% accuracy in trading is impossible even with the best applications out there. If it were that easy, then there should be no reason for anyone to lose on the binary options market, but they do. There are many factors that can affect the direction that an option will move. Things such as mergers and acquisitions, political factors, earnings projections, and complex topics such as the import/export trade balance can all affect the direction that a certain instrument will move. With all of these unpredictable factors, there is no way that anyone will be able to never lose a trade, as the Globe Traders scam claims.

Finding the Facts

George Proter’s claims that he only makes money when you make money, suggesting that he takes a cut of the profits. The auto trader takes your money and decides which investments that it will make for you. The problem with this system is that it is based only on quantitative methods. This means that it depends on mathematics to make its trading decisions. In real world trading, successful traders take many factors into consideration, not all of which can be accounted for by mathematical formulas. They use their years of experience and knowledge to make their investment decisions. The Globe Traders video makes the claim that their autotrader makes 40 successful trades per day. You can be sure that they charge a brokerage fee with every trade. This assures them 40 brokerage fees per day for every person who signs up. Forty trades per day is an unreasonable number of trades. Most professional make less than 10 trades per day, unless they are making exceptionally risky trades.

The video claims that you don’t need to know how it works, you only need to know that it works. Then they go on to explain that the Globe Traders signals are based on the speed of their system. They claim to have servers located all around the world that are 17 times faster than the public cloud servers. This review will call them on that because this scam claims to run on a fiber network. They threw out a lot of computer terminology hoping to impress you, but their claims were technically impossible. They claim to be faster than Wall Street. This review wants to know how they built this top of the line global fiber network in the same year that it took to develop their software.
Is Globe Traders a Scam?

In the final analysis, this review thinks that there are simply too many things that just do not add up. There was a lot of double talk and promises that do not make sense in the real world. Perhaps one of the most telling signs that the Globe Traders system is a scam is that use of distraction in the sales ads. The continual use of the dollars and cents is meant to take advantage of a psychological technique used by many con artists. Your brain will automatically concentrate on the cents, rather than focusing on the double talk in the rest of the video. They use repetition to drive the point home, another common technique used by the best used car salesmen.

In conclusion this review thinks that if the Globe Traders were not a scam, they would not have to use the high pressure sales techniques and distraction to sell their product. This is a dead giveaway that this is a scam. If you want further proof, the system claims that if the software detects a 0.001% risk it will place a counter trade in the opposite direction so that you break even. What it forgot to mention is that it charges another brokerage fee for this counter trade. There is no trade that has this low of risk. This means that for every trade, you will have to pay a double brokerage fee for the counter trade. The video claims that this only happens 1 out of every 33 times, once again using a play on numbers to distract you. The final word is that the Globe Traders binary options scam is full of false promises and impossible dreams.

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